4th Annual ORFeome Meeting
December 1-3, 2004
Center for Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB), Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Jimmy Fund Auditorium

Wednesday, December 1st


Ed Benz (DFCI President)

Marc Vidal (CCSB, DFCI)

Keynote 1

Gary Temple MGC: Current status, new programs, and future options

Genome/ORFeome Annotation, Cloning, Utilization I
Chair: Dave Hill

Jean Thierry-Mieg: Genome browsers – AceView

Manolis Kellis: Yeast reannotation

Qianru Li: Yeast ORFeome revisited: From comparative genomics to functional genomics and proteomics

Tom Chappell: Human ORFeome and protein arrays

Joseph Ecker: Genome-wide discovery of transcription units and functional elements in Arabidopsis

Genome/ORFeome Annotation, Cloning, Utilization II
Chair: Troy Moore

Stuart Milstein: Making and breaking the edges of the apoptosis interactome

Fritz Roth: Network analysis of synthetic lethal genetic interactions

Gavin Macbeath: A wiring diagram for tyrosine kinase-mediated signaling using protein microarrays

Pamela Silver: Designing cells for work and play - the potential for Synthetic Biology

Keynote Address 2

Tony Pawson: Interaction domains and signaling networks

Thursday, December 2nd

ORFeomes, Networks, and Biology
Chair: Michael Cusick

Stefan Wiemann: From ORFeome to Biology: Identification of cancer relevant modulators of the cell cycle

Jean-Francois Rual: Human Interactome project

Clark Wells: A genome wide analysis of RhoGEF and RhoGAP signaling

Mark Chance: ORFeomes and structural genomics

Networks and Biological Outcomes I
Chair: Judy Glaven

Eric Chevet: Biochemical clustering of monomeric GTPases of the Ras superfamily: towards a biological representation

Lionel Pintard: A proteomic approach to characterize cullin-based ligases and the COP9/Signalosome in C. elegans embryos

Miguel Pujana: Combinatorial searches of functional genomics networks for identifying cancer genes

James Collins: Reverse engineering gene networks and identifying drug mode of action

Poster Session

Round Table 1

Martin Yuille: Systematic clone distribution: a critical component of systematic biology

Round Table 2

Eric Chevet: Data integration and representation and ORFeome validation

Genome-Wide RNAi
Chair: Alex Smolyar

Andy Fraser: RNAi screens to examine genetic interactions in C. elegans development

William Hahn: RNAi Consortium

Bernhard Korn: A resource for genome-wide gene silencing

Norbert Perrimon: Validation and function of ORFeomes using full genome RNAi screens

Regulatory Networks and Localizome
Chair: Ian Hope

Bart DePlancke: Deciphering C. elegans intestinal transcription regulatory networks

Jack Chen: Chemosensory genes in the nematode Caenorhabditis remanei

John Reece-Hoyes: Worms and guns do mix - Leeds progress in the LEMP

Denis Dupuy: C. elegans Localizome: analyzing millions of green worms

Keynote Address 3

Doug Lauffenburger: Protein signaling networks and their governance of cell functions

Friday, December 3rd

HT Expression Strategies
Chair: Joanna Albala

Joe Pearlberg: Genetic screens for pathway identification in tumor cells

Cammie Lesser: Post-genomic identification and characterization of pathogenic bacterial proteins in yeast

Michael Slater: A flexible system for cloning and expressing protein coding regions

Ming Luo: HTP expression of recombinant proteins using the C. elegans ORFeome

Jim Hartley: POET: finding expressed soluble proteins in ORFeomes

Networks and Biological Outcomes II
Chair: Hillary Sussman

Kris Gunsalus: Predictive models of molecular machines involved in C. elegans early embryogenesis

Amy Tong: Large-scale mapping of genetic interactions by yeast synthetic genetic array analysis

Michael Yaffe: A functional proteomic approach to annotating modular signaling domains in protein kinase signaling pathways

Round Table 3

Marian Walhout: Making transgenic worms

Round Table 4

J. Hartley & X. De Bolle: Converting ORFs into proteins

Round Table Discussions

Martin Yuille: Round Table 1 Summary

Eric Chevet: Round Table 2 Summary

Marian Walhout: Round Table 3 Summary

Jim Hartley: Round Table 4 Summary

Wrap up


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